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The team

The Bigmouth Team

Bigmouth Boats is founded by Richard, Ferry and Christian. Together we have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, developing, designing, and creating nautical products. With passion and dedication, we have created the Bigmouth as completely new concept. Extensive testing and developing both hands on and simulated with design software has brought us to the actual launch of the Bigmouth 5.5.

Mould ready for production

Bigmouth First Prototype

Only months after we had placed the order for the full computerized routed product of the actual hull of our Bigmouth, the mould was ready. It was a big moment to release the mould from the plug! Now we where fully ready for production.

First prototype

Bigmouth Beach

Our first prototype for testing and developing was fully hand-build. All in house development at the Bigmouth facility. Just moments after we set sail for the first time we knew whe where on to something big. Bigmouth was really born. After extensive testing and developing our prototype lead to the full 3D modelling of all the lessons learned for the actual production Bigmouth.